AGU signs agreement with a German university

Manama: The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) has signed a collaboration agreement with Leipzig University, in Germany.

Students enrolled in the PhD Program in Innovation Management at AGU have received Professional Innovation Manager certificate from Leipzig University after equalizing the subjects they have successfully completed as part of the program requirements in developing products and marketing them.

This certificate is important to empower youth in the GCC to use innovative methodologies to generate added value, AGU’s Head of Innovation and Technology Management Department in the Graduate Studies College Professor Ouda Al-Jayousi said.

“This can be done through mental stimulation due to its positive impact and it can be invested in active and interactive learning. We are facing new challenges in the pattern and education methods to manage innovation.”

“We found ourselves living with a generation blessed with high skills in terms of immediate and rapid accumulation of knowledge. This advantage can be only exploited by providing an educational environment that stimulates a new innovative culture based on case-study education and solves contemporary problems through user-based innovation and open innovation to take advantage of collective intelligence,” he added.

Source: Bahrain News Agency