African Development Fund grants Sudan $28.2m funding for COVID-19 response

(KHARTOUM) – The African Development Fund announced on Wednesday the distribution of $28.2 million in grants toward Sudan’s COVID-19 health and economic response.

By supporting the country’s underfunded health system, the grants are strategized to improve the containment of the virus as well as reduce its impact on the Sudanese economy.

Through the grants, the Fund will be “empowering the people of Sudan to contain this pandemic while supporting the government of Sudan’s quest for the economic development of its people,” said the Country Manager, Raubil Durowoju, on Monday.

Central plans include increasing medical equipment, advertising proper hygiene practice, and developing rapid-response procedures against outbreaks.

Sudan’s gradual economic development has been halted and reversed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has heightened issues such as high unemployment and inflation.

The grants will address the country’s vulnerability to uncontained outbreaks and the resulting economic instability.

Sudanese health minister Osama Abdel-Rahim told reporters in Khartoum on Monday that they need 4 billion Sudanese pounds to finance a plan to face the second wave of coronavirus.

Sudan currently has 16,052 confirmed cases and 1,197 deaths.



Source: Sudan Tribune