Activities of 11th Delbeh Festival in Mashta Al Hilu kick off

Activities of the 11th al-Delbeh Festival for Culture and Arts in Mashta al-Hilu started under the title “Echo of Berries and Silk.

The festival is organized by Culture Ministry in cooperation with the Foundation for the Cultural Charity Forum, civil and expatriate activities in Mashta al-Hilu.

The festival, that will last until Saturday, include cultural, musical and plastic art activities and it will display natural silk products and a live show of silkworms, in addition to sports activities hosted by Mashta Al-Hilu and Delbeh squares and the Silk Factory.

Director of the festival, Wael Sabbagh, told SANA that locals of the tourist town remember the days of the silk factory, when mulberry trees were spread throughout the area lands , pointing out that the silk industry is still there in the people’s memory through the sound of factory bell.

“Today, we evoke silk, which symbolizes a long history and great importance that grandparents moved to their children,” as Sabbagh says.

The first day of the festival includes a show of natural silk products, in addition to a 24-hour film about the Syrian silk journey in al-Dalba Square, and a live show of silkworm breeding.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency