MUSCAT: Under its corporate social responsibility, the Zubair Corporation on Sunday launched the ‘For Them’ initiative to support parents of autistic children. As part of the initiative, the social advisory committee of the Zubair Corporation will conduct workshops for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The workshop will train them on ways and methods of communicating and handling their children. Speaking about the project, Khalid M al Zubair, managing director, Zubair Corporation said, “It is our prerogative to raise awareness regarding ASD and support parents who raise children with special needs.

Parents should be trained through comprehensive workshops on bringing up such children. Through this initiative, we not only aim to help parents of children diagnosed with ASD but also spread awareness about this neuro-developmental disorder in society.”

The workshop is being conducted by parents of children with ASD, who have undergone numerous comprehensive training sessions in well-known institutions. He added, “The committee has observed that adequate knowledge of ASD and training is the need of the community, and inviting both professionals as well as trained parents will help other parents cope with challenges more rationally.”

Zahra al Jardani, a member of the social advisory committee at the Zubair Corporation said, “This initiative will not only help parents understand their children better, but also raise awareness in the community.

‘The For Them team will conduct a number of workshops for parents of autistic children across the sultanate to facilitate their participation. We will be in direct contact with families to make sure that they can attend the workshops.”