Zahle MPs question delay in deployment of Army in Arsal

June 15, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Zahle bloc MPs, in their regular meeting, discussed the military and security developments taking place in the eastern border town of Arsal and asked the government in a statement issued after the meeting “Why hasn’t the Lebanese Army deployed yet inside the town, despite the relevant ministerial decision issued two weeks ago.”

They wondered why the appeals launched by the bloc years ago for the spread of the army on the entire Lebanese-Syrian border and for closing the crossings to prevent militants’ entry and exit haven’t been answered.

MPs hinted at political forces within the government who “benefit from the loose borders for their fighters’ cross-over to the Syrian territory () – thus sowing sectarian strife and freezing the Lebanese economic and social life – and then claim waging heroic battles; while what is truly required is an LAF decision to close these crossings, deploy along the border and defend it with the support of all the Lebanese.”

The Zahle bloc paid condolences to the Druze in Lebanon and in Syria, condemning the massacre of Jabal Summaq in Idlib, and praising the position of the Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt “who acted with courage and wisdom away from the emotional tension that some have tried to impose on the Druze community in Lebanon.”