Zahle MPs call for amplified national coherence facing resurfacing terror

JANUARY 12, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Zahle lawmakers held their regular weekly session on Monday during which they pushed for augmented national unity in the face of the growing tide of international terror that had hit France a few days ago and has come to re-emerge in Lebanon.

Zahle MPs lauded the Lebanese united stances censuring the terrorist blast that rocked the city of Tripoli on Saturday, but the bloc did not fail to warn the Lebanese from the gravity of the indicators accompanying this recurring act of terror.

“The timing and identity of the suicide bombers [of Jabal Mohsen’s Saturday blast] signify some foreign efforts that have been and still are abusing the city of Tripoli by means of exploiting religion to perform terror acts – a thing which is so far from the Lebanese reality,” Zahle MPs said in statement issued in the wake of the meeting.

In their meeting, Zahle lawmakers also praised the series of security and judicial measures that were adopted by the competent authorities following the blast. The bloc also hailed the measures being adopted to organize the entry of Syrian nationals into Lebanon.

Following the massive storm that hit different Lebanese territories and the great damage that hit Zahle region, the lawmakers called for a preemptive plan to face natural disasters and to swiftly work on removing the snow that blocks main roads.