Yazbek: Holy Jihadists face up to Takfeerist threat

APRIL 12, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Holy Jihadists facing up to Takfeerist threat have opted to the religion of the Prophet by defending his righteous path, Special Khomeini representative to Lebanon cleric Muhammad Yazbek, stressed at a party funeral in Bouday Husayniyya mosque today.

Thanks to your blood sacrifice On happy martyrs, we feel pretty indebted in our existence to you being at the same time head-on and face-to-face with Takfeerism and Zionism, the cleric exclaimed.

As we proclaim a genuine president not a mere coat-hanger or a puppet to the outside, we take you for our beacon, Oh martyrs, Yazbek added. We vow to put off the eye of the strife by taking sides with the army in its anti-Takfeerist drive for doing so, our party preserves national unity, the cleric said.

I urge the world to resolve the Yemeni and Syrian conflicts peacefully so that the flood of blood stops since Israel is the sole benefactor of such a vast destruction, the cleric concluded.