Weather forecast: Snowfall at 600 meters

JANUARY 6, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Storm Zina arrives in full throttle at the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, storming through Lebanon over the upcoming few days, according to a report by the meteorology department at Rafik Hariri International Airport. Rainy skies with thunderstorms and active winds dominate Wednesday’s weather, as temperatures take a sharp plunge and snowfall begins at 600 meters above sea level.

Gusting winds will reach a speed of a 110 km/hr, especially in mountainous regions. Citizens are advised to watch out for the strong winds.

Coastal temperatures: 12 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Mountain-range temperatures: 6 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Inland temperatures: 1 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Surface winds: South-easterly and active during the morning, shift to south-westerly at noon with speeds between 25 and 50 km/hr, and may reach up to 110 km/hr at certain intervals.

Visibility: Average, worsens at times due to rain.

Coastal humidity: 45% to 85%.

Sea: Strong waves of up to five meters high. Surface water temperature at 19 degrees Celsius.

Sunrise: 06:43 a.m.

Sunset: 04:43 p.m.