(Update 4) Bassil starts tour in Zahle province

APRIL 17, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Foreign and Expatriates Minister Jibran Bassil began on Friday afternoon a tour among the villages of the province of Zahle, in order to have a closer look at its present conditions and citizens’ needs.

Minister Bassil’s first stop over has been in the town of Terbel, whereby he was greeted by Zahle Bloc Head Toni Abu Khater, Municipality Head, Fadi al-Khoury and local dignitaries.

Minister Bassil is accompanied by former Minister Gaby Layoun.

The Minister held a meeting at the Municipality building, attended by municipal figures and dignitaries, and he visited next Mar Takla Church.

Speaking during a popular reception at the Church, Bassil highlighted the importance of coexistence amongst all sons of one nation, living in equity with each other and preserving the nation’s diversity.

Bassil underlined the dire need that all sons of the nation remain united despite political differences.

The Minister then moved to the town of Rayak-Housh Hala, whereby a popular reception took place at Saint Rock Church, in the presence of local municipal figures and dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, Bassil said that Rayak sets a role model of the Lebanese Christian-Islamic coexistence, stressing that the concept of Lebanon as coexistence and equity forms the Lebanese strength.

He also underlined the importance of unity amongst the Lebanese in the face of real dangers surrounding us, namely the Tafiri terrorism.

The third stop over has been at Zahle’s Ablah town, west Zahle province, where a popular reception was organized for the Minister and his accompanying delegation at Notre Dame Church.

Then the Minister moved to the town of Neeha, whereby he was greeted by locals at the St Antonious Church yard.