UNIFIL Press Statement on incidents along Blue Line

JANUARY 28, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The United Nations Interim Forces in South Lebanon issued a statement on Wednesday detailing today’s security incidents along the blue line.

“At around 11:30 am this morning, UNIFIL observed six rockets launched towards Israel from the vicinity of Wazzani north of Maysat in the UNIFIL area of operations. The IDF returned artillery fire in the same general area.

During the course of the developments, a UNIFIL peacekeeper deployed at a UN position near Ghajar sustained serious injuries that resulted in his death. The precise cause of death is as yet undetermined and remains the subject of investigation.

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major-General Luciano Portolano was in immediate contact with the parties to help control the situation and prevent further escalation.

In the meantime, at around 1:30 pm five rockets were fired from the general area of Kafer Shouba towards Israel. The IDF fired artillery rounds towards the source of fire.

UNIFIL has been informed by the IDF that they incurred casualties as a result of fire from the Lebanese side.

UNIFIL has further reinforced its presence on the ground and intensified patrols across the area of operations in coordination with the Lebanese Armed Forces. At this time the situation along the Blue Line is quiet.

Major-General Portolano has strongly condemned this serious violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701. He is maintaining continuous contacts with the parties and has urged both

sides to exercise utmost restraint.

UNIFIL has launched an investigation to determine the facts and circumstances of the incident.”

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon