Unfairness towards refugees

Thoughts about the unfairness built in the hearts of human beings towards refugees… Using the word ‘refugee’ may be referred to as a negative label, but if we dig deeper we’ll realise that they own the most courageous skills since they were forced to move from their homeland to a country they may not even have heard about.

And yet, some such people have achieved massive success, like Bob Marley who achieved international fame yet fled Jamaica due to certain difficulties in the country. Jackie Chan fled to the US from Hong Kong after being threatened by a Chinese criminal organisation. Albert Einstein was a German refugee, and many others.

Labels take away a person’s humanity because a person is so much more complex, is much greater and has much more about himself than that label implies. And on top of that, as humans, we’re all essentially the same, so when you attach labels not only are you reducing a whole complex human to a single term, but then you’re also creating unnecessary differences between us.

Instead of identifying using the word ‘refugee’, why don’t we identify them with the qualities that they’re presenting? Why don’t we identify them with attributes like courage, strength and victory? And this is what we must embrace, equality.

People who believe in disparity do not fascinate us. Indeed, what we find interesting is the act of humanity that encourages us to work together in order to be able to restore what was once a priority. We say we are young and sad beyond belief.

Little do we know the amount of power we hold to be able to overcome such discriminations caused by our own selves. But then, we are to be blamed because we’re the ones who have the choice to make a change while those innocent refugees have these decisions forced on them and in which they have no say.

The term ‘refugees’ is not only associated with poor countries. This is not a distant thing since Oman is also exposed to it. Many Yemen refugees have been welcomed to Oman. Even though we may not know them personally, but the bond of humanity has again helped us have such characteristics in which we were able to offer some help, regardless of their age, religion or even their political affiliations.

I conclude by sending those fellow refugees a message, which says that they should have hope, and should get busy rebuilding their lives to a better status as well. At the end of the day, we are all visitors on this earth.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily