Tuesday, June 2, 2015


10:30 Deputy Muhammad Qabbani, presiding over House Public Works’ Commission hearing to assess progress made in the oil and natural gas file

12:00 Deputy Samer Sa’adeh, presiding over Joint House sub-commission hearing to follow up on law project stipulated under Code # 9341 pertaining to electronic transactions of a personal statistical nature

11:00 Minister of Tourism Michel Far’on, launching the International Cedar Festival in presence of Sitrida Geagea at the ministry’s Crystal Hall

11:00 Upon an invitation by the Lebanese Welfare Associations, Mjad Foundation main office is refurbished during a special ceremony in Bir Hasan

12:00 Under the patronage of P.M. Tammam Salam, the National Day for Lebanese Industry is launched at the Lebanese University Complex in Hadat/Building for Industrial Events

12:00 The Gathering of Palestinian Youth paying Justice minister Ashraf Rifi a courtesy visit at his ministry office in Beirut

16:30 Upon an invitation by E.U. ambassadress Angelina Eichhorst, the annual Samir Qasir Prize is awarded to the winner at Sursoq Palace garden of Asrafiyyeh

17:00 Under the patronage of Information minister Ramzi Jreij, a round table dedicated to discussing “Lebanese with Withheld Registers; Solutions to problems” at the Child and Mother Care Association/Hassana Daouq Str. opposite of Hasan Khaled garden

17:00 Talal Atreesi of the Lebanese University lecturing about “Media Crisis” at the Iraqi Cultural Center/Verdun Plaza

18:00 Cardinal Camil Mbarak, honouring Greek Orthodox Metropolitan bishop of Jbeil George Khodr at La Sagesse University main Auditorium in Furn ash-Shebbak

18:00 “Ceci n’est pas un tapis” artwork launched by Hadi Maktabi at his art Gallery /Sursok Tower with textile exhibit lasting up till July 10, 2015

19:00 Marking Italy’s National DAY, the embassy gives a reception next to the presidential palace in Baabda

20:00 Under the patronage of Hizbullah’s Secretary-General Hasan Nasrullah, imam Mahdi’s Birthday is marked during a dinner banquet at the Fantasy World restaurant on the way to Beirut Airport