MUSCAT: The Zubair Corporation launched its ‘Collaborations’ team to be responsible of all voluntary activities and events carried out by the staff of The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries for the service of the society in various fields.

The collaboration team was inaugurated by Khalid M al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation, in the presence of a number of employee representing the core team of ‘Collaborations’.

The launch of the ‘Collaborations’ team is based on the strategy of The Zubair Corporation to cultivate social responsibility and direct it towards fostering the partnership between the corporation and the community through the corporation’s staff.

The name of the team was chosen from one of the five basic billers of The Zubair Corporation in order to enhance the value of collaboration between the corporation staff and the community and to promote this fundamental human value that holds the very basic fabric of social collaboration, sympathy and compassion among people.

The team consists of a group of The Zubair Corporation employees from various departments and other staff from its subsidiaries. It aims to hold voluntary activities within the community in various fields and sectors that require voluntary involvement within the Omani environment, through engaging in some of the local, Arab and international events that entail to highlight voluntary work and Collaborations.

Khalid M al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation, commented, “Collaboration is a basic value of The Zubair Corporation, and in order to foster such qualities it must be instilled in the corporation interaction attitude and upheld as a genuine value in staff attitude and behaviour.

“The idea of the team emerged due to the need to strengthen cooperation and partnership with the community and enhance it in both directions at the internal level among the staff themselves and the external level between the corporation and the community.”

He added, “The private sector is in need to find new, innovative and multiple windows toward social responsibility, and the ‘Collaborations’ team is another approach which will enable

“The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries to achieve that responsibility through a number of steps and initiatives undertaken. This team is based on the ideas and visions of the staff to contribute to the service of the community.”

SOURCE: Muscat Daily