MUSCAT: The Research Council (TRC) gave awards for research accomplishments and innovations on Tuesday. The awards were given at the second Annual Research Forum (ARF) at Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissah Resort and Spa.

Dr Saif bin Abdullah al Haddabi, assistant secretary general for programmes and research at TRC stated that 83 research proposals were submitted under two categories – PhD holders’ research (56) and Nascent research (27).

Three projects from the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and one each from Dhofar University, Higher College of Technology and German University of Technology won under the PhD holders’ research category.

Under the Nascent research category, two projects from SQU, and one each from the Ministry of Health (MoH), Ibri College of Applied Sciences, TRC and MoH’s department of health information in North Batinah won the awards.

Apart from these two awards, six best projects from Nizwa University, SQU, Sohar University and CAS Rustaq were awarded under the Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Programme (FURAP).

The eight winners of the first Individual Innovation Competition were also presented with awards.

The winners of this competition are Dr Ahmed Khalfan al Ghaithi (Portable Raman spectrometer to differentiate infected from ischemic bone in sickle cell patients), Dr Jameel Darwish al Shaqsi (mobile speed radar communication system), Salim Humaid al Mahrooqi (desktop henna printer), Mustafa Salim al Barami (making paper from palm leaves), Nasser Said al Hajri (intelligent prayer mat), Nabil Jumah al Mughairi (Omani khubz machine), Khalid Said al Harthi (smart incense burner), and Shatha Abdullah al Jabri (dates paste moulding machine). The projects were assessed on criteria such as commercial viability, market assessment, budget and socio-economic impact.

Dr Haddabi said that the awards aim to spread the culture of research in the sultanate.