MUSCAT: A truly great plate of Indian chaat is as hard to find as it is yummy to eat. For purists who insist on the perfect mix of flavours, ingredients and textures in their chaat, The Bollywood restaurant is happy to announce its ‘Chaat Festival’ from April 17 to May 9.

Save yourselves the cost of a plane ticket to Mumbai or Delhi; come visit The Bollywood at Qurm and taste 14 different chaat varieties. It is an experience designed to turn you into a chaat connoisseur!

Born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, chaat is today served widely across the Indian subcontinent, mostly in the crowded lanes of its cities and towns.

The term is a broad one, and encompasses several kinds of street snacks whose taste ranges from spicy to tangy to sweet, or very often, a delicious mixture of these flavours.

To give its guests a feeling of the true chaat experience, The Bollywood, one of Muscat’s best-known Indian restaurants, has organised the Chaat Festival. A live counter will be dedicated to preparing fourteen varieties of chaat, including traditional as well as innovative and healthy chaats.

The fourteen chaats are: bread chaat, dahi bhalla, matar kachori/kachori chaat, raj kachori, palak chaat, gujiya chaat, kolkata phuchka, chinese bhel, tikki chaat, fruit chaat, pani puri with ragada/pav bhaji masala, aloo kabli, cocktail samosa chaat and bread tikka chat.

Each of these has been sourced from different parts of India, and represents the favourite snacks enjoyed in that region.

The Chaat Festival will be held between 6.30pm and 11pm, and The Bollywood will mark the occasion with special décor and other arrangements.

Says Yogesh Shah, general manager, Khimji Restaurants Division, The Bollywood,said, “In its original form, chaat is rarely eaten in formal, sit-down sessions. It is often prepared on open-air stalls and consumed on the go. However, over the years, chaat has become seen less as a quick snack and something to be relished for its complex flavours. Through this Chaat Festival, we aim to bring some original street snacks for our patrons. Prepared with care and the utmost attention to taste and hygiene, these chaats will surely leave you saying ‘let me have another bite’.”