Tenenti tells NNA situation in South Lebanon under control

JANUARY 29, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The UNIFIL official spokesman Andrea Tenenti in an interview with the National News Agency said that “the UNIFIL has done everything in its power to restore stability and calm to South Lebanon, after an atmosphere of tension following yesterday’s incident.”

“The incident is a clear breach of Resolution 1701,” he said, assuring that, when tension prevailed, the UNIFIL General Commander Luciano Portolano immediately contacted all the parties to make sure stability and calm are restored in southern Lebanon.

“He asked the parties to show utmost restraint in order to bring back stability to the UNIFIL area of operations.”

“The situation is now calm and stable, but I cannot make any predictions about the future. I can speak about the situation now, it is stable and under control,” Teneti added.

He noted that the number of patrols has been doubled and activities of surveillance in coordination with the Lebanese Army have been intensified.

“The most important thing done by General Portolano yesterday is having kept the channels of communication open with the parties to make sure stability is restored in the South. Consequently, we got assurances from both sides that the situation will remain calm after the response that took place yesterday.”

Regretting the death of a soldier from the peacekeeping Spanish contingent in the exchanged fire, Tenenti assured that the UNIFIL is currently conducting investigations to unveil all the facts related to the soldier’s fatal injury.

In response to a question about the interference of a third party, the spokesman said “the UNIFIL’s mandate is very clear. It requires monitoring the cessation of hostilities, and this is a priority. (…) Our communication channels are only with the Lebanese Army and the Israeli army. ”