By: Shaddad Al Musalmy

With its rich and beautiful products, the pavilion makes sure that visitors get a glimpse of what the African country has to offer before they plan a tour there.

The entrance to the pavilion, designed like a Tanzanian house with many windows, gives you the feeling of entering an African neighbourhood.

The feeling stays with you while inside as well, when you see native Tanzanians dressed in traditional attires.

“The first stall in the pavilion is the place where you can get information about Tanzania – the tourist destination. We are here to answer all the questions about Tanzania in general and also talk about the places to visit,” said Khadija M, an attendant at the tourist information stall.



She added, “Tanzania has some stunning beaches which offer captivating views overlooking the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect destination for tourists who enjoy diving and are interested in exploring the marine life and coral reefs.

“Tanzania is also home to animals such as gazelles, big cats, zebras, buffaloes, cows, elephants, giraffes, goats and different types of birds. Our country also has some beautiful fresh lakes and rivers that offer some spectacular views. One can obviously not miss the volcanoes of Tanzania, especially Mt Kilimanjaro.”

Ahmed Khalaf, one of the visitors, said, “I have heard a lot about Tanzania. It looks like a country with a lot of natural beauty. After visiting the pavilion, I feel life there is very simple. I like the handicrafts on display.”

The other stalls at the pavilion are for those who are keen on local products.

From the traditional African handicrafts to spices, these outlets have a variety of items on display to suit your taste and budget. “The spices on offer give visitors a chance to know about the products that are unique to our country. We have a variety of other products as well,” Khadija added.

Some of the other products on display include items made of wood, paper and coconut shells. In addition, one can also find traditional African clothes and sandals here.