Taha: Honoring Prisoner’s Day is a religious duty

APRIL 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Honouring Prisoners’ Day is tantamount to a religious duty, HAMAS official Jihad Taha, reportedly informed visiting Hizbullah official Wajih Zalzali who paid him a courtesy visit at his office in Tyr today.

Honouring prisoners is also tantamount to a renewal of a religious oath to hold fast onto anti-Zionist Jihad, Taha added. He indirectly implored the P.A. to unleash HAMAS against Israel in a bid to take Israeli soldiers hostage and affect a prisoners’ exchange, as he said. Taha also called on the Palestinians to rally about Jihad spearheaded by his movement saying all efforts must remain united to face of looming Zionist threats.