Sleiman: late King Abdullah laid the foundation for a dialogue and openness strategy that won him the world

JANUARY 25, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Former President Michel Sleiman considered that “the death of the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz is a huge loss to the world, especially during our current circumstances of sectarian tension and rising extremism,” adding that “the late Monarch laid the foundation for a dialogue and openness strategy that won him the world.”

Speaking while offering condolences for the Saudi King’s passing away at Mohammed el-Amine Mosque in Beirut on Sunday, Sleiman added that “this approach shall continue with King Salman and with the Kingdom.”

He went on to say “this was the role of the late King, not only at Lebanon’s level, but at the level of the Arab world, as a whole, and the Arab cause.”

Sleiman recalled the late King’s attributes and contributions to Lebanon, namely “his support to the Lebanese people, which began with the adoption of the Taef Accord, followed by the Arab peace initiative, which was of great concern for Lebanon through its focused efforts to prevent Palestinian settlement in it.”

“Secondly, the late King Abdullah contributed greatly to promoting dialogue in Lebanon, especially during the times where it was stalled, and this led to the issuance of the Baabda Declaration which was approved by all sides in the country,” Sleiman went on.

“Thirdly comes the late King’s support to the Lebanese army and security forces, most recently through his $ 4 billion aid dedicated to strengthening and arming the Lebanese military forces, especially amidst the existing terrorism threat,” added Sleiman.

“We shall always remember the late King Abdullah’s role in Lebanon, and in every crisis plaguing the region and the Arab world as well, and blessings to the new King,” Sleiman concluded.