Sleiman cables condolences to Jordan’s Monarch on Kassasbeh

FEBRUARY 4, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Former President Michel Sleiman categorically deplored the execution of the Jordanian Pilot Maaz el Kassasbeh at the hands of terrorist groups, saying that the barbaric acts carried out by the terrorist forces are far from the values of Islam- which is a religion that seeks compassion and mercy and innocent of such barbarism.

Sleiman said in a statement on Wednesday that the killing of Kassasbeh shall help in accelerating concerted international efforts to exterminate these terrorist groups, which have exceeded all limits in their described brutality.

“Their brutality shall not last long,” Sleiman said, pinning importance on an international collective consciousness to limit and defeat such phenomena as soon as possible.

In this framework, Sleiman sent a cable of condolences to Jordanian Monarch Abdulla II on the late martyr Kassasbeh.

On the other hand, Sleiman met with the UN Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, where they discussed the current situation in Lebanon and the importance of maintaining 1701.