MUSCAT: Sky Jewellery, the Middle East’s trusted jewellery retailer, has announced a new campaign named ‘Gifts at Home’ holiday campaign in connection with the upcoming holidays for the expat population in the region.

Lalith Mohan Asthana, CEO of Bank of Baroda, received the first coupon of the campaign from Babu John, chairman and managing director of Sky Jewellery. The exclusive offer is available at all the Sky Jewellery showrooms across UAE, Oman and Qatar.

This exclusive offer will announce 120 winners across the region through different weeks. The winners will get a large variety of home appliances such as Samsung UHD TVs, LG refrigerators, washing machines, home theatre systems, microwave ovens, food processors, air fryer and play station etc to be readily delivered free at home in the respective regions.

A Lucky coupon is available with all purchases worth AED500 of gold jewellery and two coupons on diamond jewellery from any of the sky jewellery outlets. Diamond purchases are further incentivised with holiday discounts, free one gram gold and an instant cash-back through 100 per cent guaranteed scratch and win coupons.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily