Six Lebanese martyrs in Damascus blast, convoy of injured on its way to Beirut

FEBRUARY 1, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Campaign in Support of al-Hussein” announced the death of 6 Lebanese who were killed in the bus explosion in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Sunday.

Campaign Official Fadi Khaireddine read out the names of the fallen martyrs, namely Ali Abbas Blouq, Mohamad Ahmad al-Miqdad, Sheikh Mehdi Youssef al-Miqdad, Kassem Hatoum, Shadi Houmani and Mohamad Hassan Ayoub.

Khaireddine indicated that the ambulances carrying the wounded from Damascus are now in Shtoura on their way to Bahman and Rassoul Azzam Hospitals in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs. “Two injured were kept in Damascus undergoing surgery, namely Ramzi Hamza and Hassan Salameh, who are currently in stable condition,” Khaireddine added.

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon