Siniora: To commit to Taef, 1701 to protect Lebanon

JANUARY 22, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Future” parliamentary bloc head Fouad Siniora warned that the Israeli enemy doesn’t need justifications to carry out aggression against Lebanon or any Arab land, calling upon the Lebanese political parties to protect Lebanon through committing to Taef Accord and UN resolutions, mainly 1701.

“If the Israeli enemy wanted to carry out any aggression against Lebanon, it could fabricate excuses and justifications for that; thus, the Lebanese and the main political parties should take heed and not give the enemy any justification to attack Lebanon,” Siniora said in a statement on Thursday in comment on the Israeli aggression against Quneitra.

“It is no longer acceptable to risk the life of the Lebanese in order to meet regional agendas that are not related to the Lebanese and their ambitions,” Siniora concluded.