Siniora: Nasrallah’s reckless uttering cancel Lebanese will

JANUARY 31, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Nasrallah’s reckless uttering, cancel the Lebanese people’s will, head of the Future parliamentarian Bloc Fouad Siniora, commented on yesterday’s speech during his marking of Muhammad Shatah’s first anniversary at the AUB/West Hall Auditorium today.

Not only that, utterings by the Hezbollah’s chief put the whole Lebanese constitutional setting at risk let alone his militia’s shooting into the air which we consider utterly unacceptable and impermissible, he added. Shooting of RPGs into the air transformed the streets of Beirut into scenes of terror and intimidation pushing thus whole families and terrified pupils into taking cover from falling stray bullets and shrapnel, he went on.

Quoting Shatah’s son, Siniora described the murder as being far worse than malpractices visited on us at the height of the civil strife. Paying tribute to the slain Future Bloc official, Siniora listed his myriad contributions to the Hariri development and political project: Shatah had been in his own right a public figure and a man of patriotic action with no ulterior ambitions whatsoever, he exclaimed.

On this critical juncture, we recall our great friend Muhammad Shatah and pose to learn much from his rich experience, Siniora concluded.

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon