Siniora denounces Daash heinous destruction of Assyrian ruins

FEBRUARY 26, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY LEBANON) “Future” Bloc Head, Fouad Siniora, categorically deplored the disgraceful destruction of the Assyrian ruins in Iraq by Daash, as a “heinous, alarming crime against human heritage.”

“These ruins are an important part of the history of mankind and world heritage… Besides, these relics represent the first human civilizations without which the history of mankind cannot be written,” Siniora said in a statement on Thursday.

The former Prime Minister said that the atrocious crimes committed by Daash in Syria and Iraq are intolerable as “crimes against humanity” which they should be held accountable for.

Siniora implored the international community to swiftly take the initiative and without delay to put an end to this criminal episode, in order to avert further losses and damages.