Several industry experts on Sunday attended a seminar on the advantages of innovation and products of Shell Bitumen.

The company showcased its several products and the research gone behind their production.

Bitumen (asphalt) is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum that may be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product and is used for surfacing roads.

Said al Rawahi, commercial business manager of Shell Oman said, “We have been in the country for several decades now. Increasing traffic, more number of heavy vehicles and the hot climate are some of the factors that are testing the country’s road infrastructure.

“Conventional bitumen does not always meet the needs of modern roads. This problem demands solutions that are suitable for both the present and future road conditions.”

Explaining the advantages of bitumen, John Reed, general manager of Shell Global said, “One of the important products from the company is Shell Cariphalte. A four-decade old product, it has helped to improve adhesion between the aggregates and binder, therefore improving the resistance to moisture.

“These advanced products are designed to offer improved safety, durability and adaptability on the roads. They have been used for Formula One tracks, roads in Germany and Belgium, airport runways like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Heathrow, Singapore and Zurich and on bridges.”