MUSCAT: Last week’s clash between citizens in Salalah and a group of visitors from a neighbouring country has resulted in the ROP beefing up security on Dhofar’s roads and tourist spots. The scuffle started after a boy threw a stone at tourists’ car, damaging it.

After the tourists attacked the boy, a group of nationals made a counter attack. This resulted in injuries to the visitors, who had to be hospitalised, a resident of the area told Muscat Daily. The boy too was injured in the clash following which the ROP increased deployment to ensure that the Salalah Tourism Festival remains incident-free.

The ROP has also intensified patrolling and posted security personnel to guide tourists. The areas covered include Adam, Thumrait and other coastal spots which are frequented by tourists and also visitors to the Salalah Tourism Festival, the ROP said in a statement.

Additional police force besides ambulances has been stationed on roads that visitors from neighbouring countries use to enter Salalah and also on those used by tourists from Muscat, to prevent law and order problems and provide assistance in case of accidents.

It has set up a coordination cell for festival organisers like the Dhofar Municipality, Ministry of Tourism and other government agencies. The statement added that the police control room is active to receive calls on 9999.