Salam welcomes Iranian Ambassador, Shabtini

July 24, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Prime Minister Tammam Salam on Friday welcomed at the Grand Serail Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Fathali, with whom he discussed latest political developments in the region.

“I explained to the Prime Minister the fresh nuclear deal, whereby I held out hope that the agreement would beget positive results on the level of the entire region,” the envoy said following the meeting.

“As we see, the region today is facing two key enemies that are two facets of the same coin, i.e. takfiris and the Zionist entity,” he indicated.

Salam has earlier met with Minister for the Displaced, Alice Shabtini, who said her visit to the Grand Serail was to support the Prime Minister’s stances inside the Cabinet.

He later received respectively a German banking delegation, in presence of Head of the Economic Committees, Adnan Qassar, and State Prosecutor, Judge Samir Hammoud.