Salam: Jabal Mohsen blast a crime that can never terrorize the Lebanese nor weaken the State’s will and decision to confront terrorism and terrorists

JANUARY 10, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Prime Minister Tammam Salam condemned the terrorist bombings that targeted the area of Jabal Mohsen on Saturday evening, considering them “a crime that can never terrorize the Lebanese nor weaken the State’s determination and decision to confront terrorism and terrorists.”

In a statement issued this evening, Salam said “the hand of terrorism is back to Tripoli to mess with its security and stability, in a new attempt to sow seeds of discord and cause, once again, an atmosphere of chaos and violence which the city had long suffered from.”

Salam strongly denounced such an atrocious act which claimed the lives of innocent civilians, saying “this new crime is a challenge to the State and its security forces, which have succeeded in putting an end to the long-lasting sufferings of Tripoli, and to stop the cycle of violence.”

“Our military and security forces are at their highest level of awareness and readiness, and are marching ahead with the implementation of the security plan and tracking down of all those who wish to harm Lebanon and the Lebanese,” stressed Salam.

He urged the people of Tripoli to “rally around the legitimate armed forces, demonstrating highest degrees of responsibility and self-restraint, so as to thwart the attempts of the forces of darkness in luring reactions that only serve their plans of discord.”

“May the souls of the fallen martyrs rest in peace, and may God heal the wounded and protect Tripoli and its people,” concluded Salam.