Rifi: Whoever hampers electing a president, commits treachery

APRIL 5, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Whoever hampers the election of a new president, commits a treachery against the fatherland, minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi warned during his inspection of Tripoli Book Fair today.

Having greeted Christians on the advent of Easter Sunday, the general metaphorically hoped to witness the resurrection of a new fatherland despite difficult stations endured by the Middle Eastern region as a whole.

Rifi dismissed the likelihood of a major Lebanese conflagration for all political factions including Hizbullah, have a vested interest in maintaining a state of domestic calm under the lid as he said. However and in an indirect reference to Hizbullah, Rifi added that whoever suffers from a steaming head intoxicated with power, they would simply delude themselves in thinking that they can prevail alone, for the state alone must do that, he retorted.

The minister urged Iran to act as a nation-state rather than a revolution bent on fanning the sparks of a major regional brushfire; Tehran ought to leave the Arab East for itself, he exclaimed. No doubt, Hizbullah-Future Bloc talks defuse tensions, he noted albeit, let’s just wait and see if the agreement signed by Iran and the super powers could materialize by June…

Recalling a couple of botched security plans, the minister went on to call for a new security modality for south Beirut and the country as a whole.

Having credited former president Sleiman with drafting Baabda declaration for Lebanese self-detachment from regional influences, Rifi concluded on a note of encouragement to Tripoli sportswomen about to launch a marathon calling the event tantamount to reflecting a shining face of Tripolitan civility.