Rifi to NNA: Revoking Ali Eid’s arrest warrant is routine matter

JANUARY 7, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi on Wednesday said that the revocation of the arrest warrant against the so-called Ali Eid, issued by the Military Tribunal, is a routine procedure, since the dossier of “Peace and Piety Mosques’ Bombings” has been referred to the Judicial Council.

“Such a referral pulls out the prerogative of looking into this dossier from the Military Tribunal to the Judicial Investigator who will soon begin hearings with all the accused in the crime, including the so-called Ali Eid,” Minister Rifi told National News Agency (NNA) in a phone call on Wednesday.

“It will be within the powers of the Judicial Investigator to issue warrants against those whom he deems having a role in this crime,” said Rifi.

The Minister anticipated that “the hearings in this dossier will commence within few days.”