Rifi: Our political camp was concerned in protecting Arsal from Hezbollah

OCTOBER 27, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi said Monday that his political camp was concerned in protecting Arsal from the schemes of Hezbollah.

It is to note that Arsal has been the arena of deadly clashes between the army and terrorist groups.

“We banned the direct clash between the locals of Arsal and the army,” he had said in a televised interview on Monday.

Rifi expressed support to the army in the operations held at Tripoli.

“Tripoli is very dear to us and some have exaggerated in their reactions,” he justified.

Rifi said that even though the “warm blood” of Tripoli habitants justified terrorists behaviors, most of the locals of the city did not deem that such behavior would be the safe and sound path to a fast treatment for the situation.

Regarding the abduction of Lebanese soldiers by terrorists of Arsal, Rifi regretted “that this incident has happened between us and Al-Nosra front,” recalling that long before Al-Nosra or ISIS existed, he supported the revolution in Syria.

“That is why, at a certain time, I considered that the abduction of Lebanese soldiers was a black spot in the history of the relationship that we were hoping to be established in the future, contrary to the image of the Assad regime in Syria,” he said.