Rifi: Illegal weapons unacceptable

JANUARY 26, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi called on Hezbollah in a statement on Monday to rally around the state and its military institutions in order to carry out their tasks and protect Lebanon.

“Illegal weapons are the main reason that weakens the state and we rebuff such kind of arms,” the minister stressed, calling on Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria to safeguard Lebanon.

On another note, he touched on the self-security calls and said “previous experiences had taught us that self-security brings chaos to Lebanon. Only the Lebanese Army and the security apparatuses are able to preserve Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

He implored the Lebanese to support the military institutions and refuse the spread of illegal arms, adhere to the state institutions and demand the implementation of international resolutions to help protect the Lebanese border from all dangers.