Sceptic seniors…sigh! The pounding rain brought with it excitement, chaos and a million photo shares clogging the social media with posts and images, just like the rainwaters and slush did to a smooth-running city. A warrior was out there in the line of duty and traffic, sending constant updates straight from the battlefield. A sceptic senior questioned her claims – for this paper is the standard bearer of authenticity – calling her photographic posts those from the archives. Silenced he was when his phone pinged, showing the same image again, but this time with our angry warrior queen forming the foreground of a very wet and chaotic scene.

The chilly winds did turn some into pranksters with a purpose. Not only did a scribe running for a story grabbed a colleague’s warm jacket on his way out – whatever happened to good manners? – but also decided to make this act of pinching, fodder for this Diary. Disappointed he was when the jacket owner returned to his seat, but knowing how the prankster operates, sat down smug without reaction, foreseeing a possible caricature. But as you can see, the snatcher’s attempts haven’t gone waste, caricature or no caricature.

An accessory seldom used in this part of the world assumed big importance when the skies opened up. It brought in the moolah for mechanics, cleared visibility in the foggy pitter patter and also kept those caught in traffic jams engaged with the rhythmic squeak squeak.

Ask the team captain who came to work the morning after, looking rather odd, his eyeballs still seemingly fixated on a set of imaginary wipers going back and forth. We really cannot blame him, for he spent three-odd hours in his car staring at the pair work relentlessly as he waited for the traffic to clear in heavy rain.

It’s been four years that a senior scribe has been driving around town in a bright red crossover, but hasn’t been able to get full functionality from its key remote which holds the powers to also magically unlatch the boot cover. Poor thing had been performing the task manually when all that had to be done was press that button a wee longer. On Enlightenment Day she was seen standing for long behind the vehicle, key remote aimed at the boot and wrist flicking at regular intervals. No magic. The stubborn cover still demands a touch of her hand, a kind of cajoling from her dainty fingers which just cannot be pressing enough.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily