Rahi: May Allah bestow upon us a capable president

JANUARY 11, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) May Allah bestows upon us a capable president, Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi, prayed in his Sunday homily at the Lady’s Church in Bkirki today.

Assisted by three bishops and a couple of priests, the patriarch added that Lebanon craves a new and capable president apt at standing the country back on its feet and extricating it out of its present crisis.

Having recited verses from the New Testament gospels of John the Baptist, patriarch Rahi, told attending members of the Mashrouqi clan and a congregation of faithful that his deep sympathies go to the people of Jabal Muhsen victimized by terrorism; Rahi urged the state to mount a hot pursuit of the terrorists in order to root them out and punish severely all those deemed responsible for the abominable act. He also beseeched the Almighty to offer protection to both army and police in furthering their execution of their honourable task as he said.

He laid the murder of the young man heavily on the conscience of his murderers who slaughtered him like a bird contravening in this Allah’s teachings. Rahi lastly urged Maronite Church institutions to cater to the needs of their congregation by generating additional working opportunities allaying by that the sufferings of the make. And from hearts full of Christian compassion towards the needy and the poor, let us raise a hymn of glory and thanksgiving to the sacrosanct Trinity, he concluded.