Raad: We encourage any dialogue for the benefit of all

FEBRUARY 8, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) We encourage any dialogue by making it stand a chance, head of the Hizbullah parliamentarian Bloc MP Muhammad Raad, stated during his offering of condolences to the family of a deceased friend at the Church of the Lady in Jbaa-south Lebanon today.

We strive to make out of dialogue a success, because this benefits us all, he retorted. Raad, who perceived in his vet presence at the church an enrichment of peaceful confessional coexistence, went on to charge the government with ignoring the people of the south since in his words: “leaving them in abject poverty is unjustified and, aren’t they entitled to dream about a free sovereign homeland? He exclaimed.

Fortifying oneself by outside intervention and ISIL-Nusra terrorism is counterproductive for they are the other side of the Zionist coin, and all must rally in support of rearming the military as guarantors of security and stability, he concluded.