Raad: need for dialogue, unity

FEBRUARY 22, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Dialogue and national unity are essential for stability and security if electing a new president seems yet farfetched, head of The Hizbullah parliamentarian bloc Muhammad Raad, stressed during his commemoration of passed away T.V. announcer Arafat Hijazi at his hometown of Einata today.

Charging Hizbullah’s political adversaries with madness for staking highly adventurous unrealizable hopes to degrade his party, the deputy challenged them to toe the party line of anti-occupation resistance as the best option possible; Raad in this context criticized pointless Israeli/Palestinian Authority negotiations saying it’s high time for the PA to renounce them and drop them for good.

Stability reduces tensions and helps reactivate various constitutional institutions which again, certain protagonists strive to block, he added. Takfeerists dispose of no definite program; they would ultimately suffer annihilation without permanent outside sponsorship, Raad added. And as we face them, we do so with the intension of eliminating terrorism deployed by the Americans, the West and certain rulers among their regional auxiliaries, Raad concluded.