Qobeissy: Region’s crisis bigger than Lebanon

APRIL 13, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Liberation and Development Parliamentary Bloc MP, Hani Qobeissy, said during an Amal movement funeral in the southern village of Aramta that the region’s crisis is far bigger than Lebanon, and the leaders of the region hold responsibility for it.

The MP urged the leaders of the Arab and Islamic world to get together “for an hour” to solve pending problems and end the bloodshed. He gave the example of the recent meeting between the Presidents of the US and Cuba, following a feud that lasted five decades.

“They ended this struggle in a few hours of work and meetings. While we Arabs kill one another, and pave the way for strife and destroy our nations…while nobody looks at Israel and Arabs have forgotten Palestine.”

Qobeissy asserted that what was going on in the region was a conspiracy that affected Lebanon and hindered the political reality in the country.

“We say that dialogue is the only way out, whether in Lebanon or anywhere else.”