Qabalan: Dammam explosion; aggression against Muslims worldwide

May 30, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Dammam mosque explosion constitutes an aggression against all Muslims worldwide, deputy-head of the Shiite Council Abdul-Amir Qabalan, commented on ISIL’s suicide attack today.

The senior cleric regarded yesterday’s attack as part and parcel of a barbaric sequel targeting the faithful everywhere in an apparent attempt aimed at desecrating the houses of, he added. The deviant group must be ruthlessly fought and rooted out of the body of the Umma of faithful, Qabalan said.

The cleric implored the Saudi authorities to seek, find and kill off the perpetrators in the hope that the Almighty One consoles the hearts of the victims’ families and carries off the spirit of slain ones into the abode of his seven heavens he concluded.