MUSCAT: Pizza Hut Oman presents the ‘Triple Treat Box’, yet another delightful promotion fit for the entire family.

The innovative three-layered box, with lip-smacking Pizza Hut specials will be available for delivery and take-away customers, for a limited time only.

The ‘Triple Treat Box’, in addition to some of Pizza Hut’s signature dishes, includes all-time favourites as well as new menu entrants. This super-sized box is perfect for the entire family with each of the three sections revealing much-loved treats.

While father and mother make merry with the pan pizza and the very Italian, Pizza Mia, the last section is perfect for children, presenting them with the newest item on Pizza Hut’s menu –‘Hershey’s Cookie’ and favourites such as French fries, chicken sticks and two dips.

“We are constantly looking at ways to ‘wow’ our customers and the ‘Triple Treat Box’ in addition to being a visual treat with its innovative packaging, is also designed to deliver big on taste,” said, Yogesh Shah, general manager, Khimji Restaurant Division.

The ‘Triple Treat Box’ comes with a 2.25l Pepsi bottle making it the perfect meal for the entire family.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily