MUSCAT: Pharmaceutical, chemicals and agriculture/mining sectors are facing the most cyberattacks, according to Cisco’s 2015 annual security report. Details of the report were revealed at a media roundtable on Monday.

“The trend to attack pharmaceutical and chemicals and agriculture and mining is a change from previous targets such as the banking sector,” said Iyad Alchammat, general manager, Cisco Oman.

As far as Oman is concerned, the threat remains in the IT sector, the report states. According to Business Monitor International, Oman’s IT market is set to grow by 28 per cent, from RO164mn to RO210mn in 2018.

The country has been ranked 52 among 166 countries and six in the Middle East and Africa in the ICT Development Index in the International Telecommunication Union report. “Oman rocketing up the ranks of global surveys shows how cloud and mobility are helping Oman’s businesses innovate their processes,” Alchammat said.

“But with these technologies expanding the threat landscape, every organisation in Oman must assume it has been targeted or attacked, and deploy the right resources and staff to secure its network from increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats. Company executives need to understand, create awareness, and manage cyber risks and weaknesses in the security chain. Businesses must make cyber security a business process, and deploy solutions that cover the entire attack,” he said.