Pharaon: There is domestic and foreign agreement to anchor stability in Lebanon

APRIL 4, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Minister of Tourism, Michel Pharaon, said on Saturday that the security plan is to include all of Lebanon, and there is a possibility to keep the country neutral so that it becomes a “breathing space” for Arabs rather than an arena for fighting.

The Minister spoke during a visit to Aakar to partake in a reforestation campaign organized by Ajyal Association for Development. 3500 trees were planted in Shweeta Al Qobeiat locality.

“There is a kind of domestic-foreign agreement to anchor security and stability [in Lebanon] despite the existing grand political dispute in the country. This opens the door to many possibilities of caring for our country. Foreign [powers] now keep Lebanon neutral and we, as political factions, must take steps to spare Lebanon what is happening in the region and fortify the security agreement without deviating from our Arab identity,” he said.

Touching on domestic dispute among those who support the Saudi military operation in Yemen and those who oppose it, Pharaon commented that Lebanon stands by its friends when they have “a project to establish stability” in any country.

Within the same context, the Minister asserted that if there were Iranian openness towards regional stability, whether with the nuclear agreement or other political settlements, that Lebanon would also support it.