Pakradounian rules out possibility to end power void soon

FEBRUARY 28, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY LEBANON) Member of Parliament Hagop Pakradounian stressed support to any effort that serves to elect a new president and end the current crisis; however, he ruled out the possibility to end presidential vacuum soon.

“We would like to elect a president today before tomorrow,” Pakradounian told “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Saturday.

The MP said, “The Army doesn’t need any political cover or decision to carry out its duties,” indicating that the Army Commander enjoys full trust and capacity to take the appropriate decisions to protect Lebanon its borders and stability.

Commenting on existing dialogues, the lawmaker said that they are positive as they reduce tension and raise an atmosphere of stability and calm.

Pakradounian noted that the Tashnag party is at equal distance from all parties, pointing out to the presence of communication with “Future” movement.