MUSCAT: The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has launched an awareness campaign to safeguard water meters.

Hafedh bin Ali al Hosni, communications manager, PAEW was quoted in a press release as saying that the campaign seeks to educate consumers regarding penalties for damaging water meters and to be aware of the hacking methods that are used to steal water.

Hosni said, “Customers found tampering with the meter will incur fines. In addition, water supply can also be disconnected. Fines may vary depending on the category of the connection. “The fines are calculated by PAEW on basis of the water lost. Repeat offenders will be referred to legal authorities for action.”

Breaking the meter’s glass or putting a metal instrument to show low usage are all considered tampering, he added.

Hosni also warned consumers gainst resorting to illegal practices for free supply of water. Some of the methods by which people steal water are bypassing one’s meter to get free supply, stealing water from the main pipeline, running a bypass underneath the meter, or tampering with the water valves.

The release not only asks consumers to protect their water meters against tampering or damage but also calls for consumers to report any violations to the authority

SOURCE: Muscat Daily