Organizational Crisis, topic of ESASGBL’s 38th Management Breakfast

JANUARY 26, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The EcoleSuperieure des Affaires (ESA) and SocieteGenerale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) organized the 38thmanagement breakfast, entitled “Organizational Crisis: How Can Communication in Times of Crisis Transform AMisfortune into an Opportunity for Your Company and Your Brands?”, moderated by Alexandre George, Professor at ESCP Europe and the ESA and in the presence of more than fifty participants gathered in a friendly setting.

Launched in 2010, these monthly morning meetings aim at gathering ESA graduates and students and SGBL guests, serving as a platform for professional meetings between graduates and students, but also with businessmen and the media. These management breakfasts are the outcome of a fourteen-year partnership between ESA and SGBL.

During his presentation, Alexander Georgeexplored the means to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Organizational crises are increasingly frequent: industrial accidents, defective products, customer data piracy…. Over time, this trend ofcrises proliferation will only assert itself. It concerns all businesses, whether small and large. The accelerated economy, the intense competition, technological breakthroughs: such factors drive companies to be willing to take more risks every day.

It is then essential for managers to acquire strategic know-how to turn crises into opportunities. Opportunities to make the organization more consistent and agile; opportunities to promote the brand, its values, its qualities…

Striking examples and real-life cases were exposed to demonstrate that self-defense is not the only strategy in times of crisis, where brands can be strengthened and organizations transformed.

Participants, delighted to take part in the discussion, then engaged in lively exchanges.

SocieteGenerale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) and the EcoleSuperieure des Affaires (ESA) have been partners for years, cooperating for the recruitment of graduates and providing several training programs offered to the bank’s employees. This collaboration allowed for several cultural and manpower exchanges and the transfer of know-how between the world of business and the world of education and training.

Since its establishment, the ESA systematically integrates the business world in its approach to education and teaching methods, establishing close relations with the private sector. These partnerships give meaning to the mission of the ESA and are at the heart of its privileged relationship with companies.