MUSCAT: The official opening of the Museum of Omani Dress in Mawaleh was held on Tuesday under the auspices of H H Sayyid Fatik bin Fahar al Said.

Speaking on the occasion, Julia Stehlin al Zadjali, museum director, said, “The Centre for Omani Dress (COD), which is responsible for the Museum of Omani Dress, is firmly committed to the conservation, preservation and study of the traditional Omani dress, its identity, and sharing knowledge through research, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, publications and educational projects. It is the custodian of one of the largest collections of Omani dresses in the world. As a non-profit organisation, COD relies entirely on the generosity of its sponsors and the hard work of its volunteers.

“The COD is very fortunate as it not only has a collection of over 700 items, but it has also been granted a permit by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture,” Julia said.

More than 60 volunteers across Oman are involved in the task of collecting these items and preserving the identity of the national dress. In addition to a gift shop, the museum features four galleries that have on display different Omani dresses and accessories that give the country its unique identity.

The Men’s Gallery is dedicated to men’s apparel while the one on women also displays jewellery, cosmetics and veils. The Children’s Gallery has dresses for different age groups. The fourth is the Embellishments Gallery which focuses on accessories that give Omani dresses their unique character.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily