MUSCAT: A recent price benchmarking survey carried out by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) states that fixed broadband services in the sultanate are among the highest compared to other countries included in the survey.

The study of retail telecom services compared the rates with GCC countries, Jordan, Tunisia, Malaysia and the UK and was conducted with the participation of the Sultan Qaboos University while Strategy Analytics Ltd, an independent consulting firm in the UK provided expert inputs. Omani telecom companies do not rank well in most of the services compared to their peers in the other countries included in the study.

While rates for fixed voice services are close to the average of other countries in the survey, fixed broadband services in the sultanate are among the costliest across all usage baskets except for medium speed.

The same can be said for pre-paid mobile voice services. The study puts these rates well above the GCC price average. For post-paid and business services, the prices in Oman too are at the higher end.

The study said that prepaid mobile broadband services in the sultanate are either below or close to the average compared to other GCC countries at low usage levels, but among the highest for post-paid and higher usage levels.

When it comes to international calls from fixed line and mobile phones, Oman’s position is good compared to the other countries studied. Calls from fixed lines are cheaper than those made from mobile phones.

Despite a marginal decline in prices of some telecommunications services, the study finds that Oman’s position compared to other countries did not improve in 2014 as compared to the results of 2012 study for most of the services. The study was designed to benchmark the prices of retail telecommunication services.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily