Ogassapian: Any adventure that restores 2006 situation strikes stability

JANUARY 20, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of Parliament Jean Ogassapian denounced and rejected the Israeli operation against Hizbullah group in Quneitra, saying that Israel aimed at embarrassing Hizbullah and confirming that Golan region is under the Israeli control.

“The operation against Hizbullah’s party in Quneitra is condemned and rejected; and it came at a time in which Hizbullah General Secretary, Al-Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced the Hizbullah’s readiness to respond to any attack,” Ogassapian said to “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Tuesday, noting that the operation revealed the direct Iranian presence in the region highlighting the possibility that it might be an Iranian attempt to control the Syrian regions next to Golan area.

Ogassapian pointed out that Israel would not accept such a dangerous strategic fact as it rejects any change in light of the current wars in the region.

Talking about the operations repercussions on the Lebanese interior, the MP indicated that any adventure which might cause the repetition of 2006 situation on the Lebanese scene would strike the stability and allow terrorism groups to re-enter Lebanon, adding that both Hizbullah and Iran would reject this because it would make the Lebanese scene similar to that of the Syrian.

Responding to the question over “Future”- Hizbullah dialogue, Ogassapian confirmed its continuity, describing it as is strategic decision which is in Lebanon’s interest.