MUSCAT: The guaranteed cash gift promotion by Towell Auto Centre (TAC), one of country’s leading automobile distributors, on its range of Higer pick-ups will end on March 14.

Delivering an impressive combination of power, capability and efficiency, Higer pick-up is a high-grade light duty vehicle, with new generation appearance. Available at a starting price of just RO4,749, Higer pick-ups have become very popular in Oman because of their reliability and strength. TAC is offering a guaranteed cash gift of RO450 on all its 2015 models.

A senior spokesperson of TAC elaborating on the benefits of Higer pick-up, said, “In a country like Oman, a pick-up is the best means of transportation be it for a perfect weekend adventure or varying business needs. It has a host of benefits such as better fuel economy, higher actual payloads, comfortable seating for big families and more towing capacity.

He added, “Higer is a popular award-winning brand within China, known mainly for its buses and coaches. We introduced its pick-up range in Oman last year and people especially from fishing, transportation, construction sectors have been appreciative of its toughness, power, utility and comfort. We had displayed the range at Muscat Festival 2015 for the first time and we saw an overwhelming response. To further add to its attractiveness, we had offered cash gift promotion of RO450 on its 2015 models, which will end by next month.”

The Higer pick-up is available in single and double cabins with new enhanced interiors. The powerful 2.2lt 4 cylinder engine, five-speed manual transmission helps drivers in long drives to faraway destinations or even for hauling heavy loads.