Nissan Oman’s Facebook page has gained huge momentum for over a year as they have been successful in reaching out to a diverse audience on the social media platform.

Beating top competitors in the sultanate region, Nissan facebook page has been the most liked or favourite page since May 2013 with the highest number of fans with 39,378.

The aim of Nissan’s facebook page has always been to offer viewers and Nissan fans an interactive experience. It showcases Nissan’s path-breaking technological features of its various models in easy to understand mode focusing on core advantages.

The page also provides a plethora of information on the wide range of models from Nissan which is updated on a daily basis to provide the latest information at all times comprising interactive videos, behind-the-scenes access, international news, pictorial galleries, aesthetic details, and unique model features. The page also regularly runs contests on all its latest models to keep viewers enticed and engaged at all times. The aim has been to be at par with customers’ requirements and needs.

The creative strategy to have a social media campaign on Nissan’s official facebook page is aimed at being a social advertising innovator. The success is measured through evaluation of brand perceptions and assessing audience feedback from the facebook page as well as the number of clicks requesting test drives.

“By using social media in a smart way any traditional ad, be it on TV, in print, or billboard has the potential to become a subject of interest; a gateway that leads the audience to more engaging information and communicating core benefits with Audio Visual content. Be that new products or USPs or existing and upcoming offers or prizes, deeper engagement, or an enriched experience, it is all about creating a social moment,” said a senior SBA official.

The Nissan Oman facebook page has gathered over 90 per cent interest and viewership from online viewers which is available both in English and Arabic versions.